Doctor Who episode could have been better. Not sure how I feel about 12. That is all.


Doctor Who time!




Super Cis Bitch xD

Slutty mc tiger whore… yes!

Doctor Cis Privilege

Super Dork butt. Ok then.

Stream Over

No one came, I wasn’t prepared, and I’m really just not feeling up to it. Might stream something else later. We’ll see.

Continuing my Pokemon Red Nuzlocke. Hopefully it goes smoothly.

Rules I use HERE.

Stream’s Over

It didn’t cut out as much as last time, but it still didn’t go too smoothly. Still, I think it went well.

Ok, gonna try this again. My internet should be fixed. So feel free to come watch me continue my Pokemon Red Nuzlocke.

Go HERE for the list of the rules I’m using.

Stream Cancelled

I was worried this might happen. I’ve been having internet issues and the stream keeps self-terminating. Nothing I can do. Sorry. no stream tonight.

Gonna be continuing my Pokemon Red Nuzlocke.

Click HERE for the rules I’m playing by.